Emanuel Milman

  • E-mail:
    emanuel.milman ‘at’ gmail.com or
    emilman ‘at’ tx.technion.ac.il
  • Phone:  +972-4-8294196
  • Fax: +972-4-8293388
  • Postal Address:
    Faculty of Mathematics
    Technion – I.I.T.
    Haifa 32000
  • Office: Amado 630
Professor at the Technion’s Faculty of Mathematics.
Yitzhak Modai Academic Chair.

I work in Analysis and Geometry.

My research interests include: Isoperimetric, functional and concentration inequalities on weighted Riemannian manifolds and metric-measure spaces, Bakry-Émery and Lott-Sturm-Villani Curvature-Dimension condition, generalized Ricci Curvature, geometry of isoperimetric minimizers, isoperimetric multi-bubbles, affine-invariant isoperimetric problems, Lp Brunn-Minkowski theory, Convex Geometry, Optimal-Transport, Localization, Spectral Geometry, diffusion semi-groups and heat-kernels, convexity of solutions to elliptic and parabolic PDE, concentration-of-measure phenomena in high dimension, Asymptotic Convex and Geometric Analysis, distribution of volume in convex bodies, “local theory” of Banach Spaces.

Update 2024: Google is not indexing my homepage for some reason, a workaround is coming soon.